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[Comments] (1) Speaking in tongues: I was walking around today and passed a guy who was talking in a strange language. But it was too regular to be any human language. But then it wasn't a special language at all; he was just saying the same thing over and over again, in English. "Rolex rolex watch [unintelligible; presumably a price] rolex rolex rolex watch [price] rolex watch rolex".

He spoke to no one in particular. Most likely he was hawking fake or otherwise black-market Rolexen, getting plausible deniability from the crowd and his deadpan delivery. But I like to think of him as one of the new breed of mad monks, who take their mantras from the Heraclitan river of spam that flows through our lives. Strong buy strong buy one to watch about to explode strong buy...

: Crazy things: CryoPID turns a running process into a disk file.

[Comments] (2) Hacker Duel: Ward Christensen versus Ward Cunningham.


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