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rest-open-uri: My open-uri hack isn't going into Ruby anytime soon, so rather than have to devote a bunch of space in the book to hacking or reimplementing, I packaged it as the rest-open-uri gem. You can use it wherever you'd use open-uri, and it supports entity-bodies and all the HTTP methods. It's the only Ruby HTTP client library I need! And I think it should work even in programs that also use open-uri (so long as you require it after open-uri).


Leonard: I'll do it, but I'll be using scare quotes the whole time! "Scare quotes"!
Sumana: Yes, Leonard, scare quotes. That's what keeps you from being bourgeois.

I laughed and laughed.

Giant Tuesday: Last night we went to the last episode of Giant Tuesday and it was great. Highlights included the sentient George Foreman grill that talked like George Foreman, and the best-executed fart joke I've ever seen. Too bad it's now GONE FOREVER.


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