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[Comments] (1) Anacrusish #4: I missed the deadline for The Ultimate Genre Challenge because it was buried in my RSS feeds, but I was intrigued by its premise: to write a coherent story containing dragons, spaceships, and vampires. Here is my belated entry, which contains one of each. It scores relatively few points (six to eight, depending), but I think it's a pretty good story for 100 words. Because that's Anacrusis-length, I give it the Anacrusish title of


"I'll have you know I find this whole thing very distasteful," says Charmed. Slaved to the ship's fins, his wings carve microgravity.

"What part of 'thrall' don't you understand?" says Malcolm. "Ten minutes before last time. Do it n-- as soon as is safe." His voice commands; he can no longer seduce.

Charmed visualizes a familiar point in spacetime. He yawns wide and breathes neutrinos.

Just before last time, Malcolm wails as he dyes Malcolm's lips red. "Diffbuhphting," says Malcolm, but he cannot allow the plague to spread. Each time he does this, his new shape feels a little older.


Posted by Brendan at Fri Feb 10 2006 09:10

Last night I had a confused vision of Malcolm actually using a lipstick vaccine on himself, or something. Getting it this morning was like catching a truck. Awesome.


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