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[Comments] (4) : I'm having a lot of fun playing with this game that uses Super Mario Bros. 3 as a game engine. It really messes with your preconceptions of what a Mario game is like. Reminds me of the first ZZT game you play that uses the weirder features of the ZZT Toolkit or whatever that was called. Highly recommended.

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Posted by Jack Masters at Sun Feb 12 2006 16:57

I was thinking of making an alternative to wikipedia called lieopedia, that would consist entirely of lies. I decided it would be too much work, but then I thought, leonard should make an eater of meaning function that makes all the sentences on a webpage into lies. But how?!

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 12 2006 19:09

You can make any sentence into a lie by conjoining it with a contradiction, and P -> ~P.

Posted by Adam P. at Mon Feb 13 2006 10:14

no Super Tokin’ Brothers with Luigi replaced by a white Rastafarian with a cannabis leaf for a hat.

Aw, man. :(

Posted by Jeremy Penner at Mon Feb 13 2006 13:22

Jack, you are looking for Uncyclopedia.


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