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Elvis Sandwiches: There's a restaurant near NYU that only sells different kinds of peanut butter sandwiches. Well, they sell other sandwiches, but they're a kind of sop thrown to someone who has been dragged there by peanut butter obsessed people. I went there last week for lunch with Sumana and Adam.

Generally I don't order stuff at restaurants when I can make a superior version myself, and a peanut butter sandwich is well within my reach. So I decided to order "The Elvis", which I could make at home but never actually had. This is a peanut butter sandwich with bananas, honey, and bacon, which gets fried.

It was okay. The experience, and the recent visit of the Elvis sandwich to the Minutillo household, got me thinking: why couldn't I make my own Elvis sandwich? I decided to try it.

It was good; better than the restaurant one, certainly. While making it I figured out a couple of things about the Elvis sandwich. Longtime readers (that is, since December) may remember Eggnog Transitive Closure, where it was revealed that eggnog, ice cream, and French toast have the same ingredients. Well, an Elvis sandwich is basically French toast minus eggnog.

Peanut butter, bacon, bananas, and honey are all things that could reasonably go into the middle of a piece of french toast before you dip it in the eggnog and fry it. Load up a piece of french toast with all of those things, and don't dip it in the eggnog, and you've got an Elvis sandwich. The chain of foods continues apace! Chain chain chain, chain of foods.

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