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[Comments] (2) CONSTRAINED WRITING COMICS: I submitted a set of constrained constraints to Jack Masters of Flag on the Moon, and he wrote a comic incorporating my constraints! Awesome! Not sure why I think it's so awesome since that's basically what he said he'd do. Oh wait, it's the comic itself that's awesome. (The constraints on my constraints are listed here).

I think Crow is made out of a nickel alloy, but I can't find a source for that. All I could find was a non-canon Bill Corbett saying Crow is "some strange gold alloy". But the inclusion of Crow in the comic makes up for any inaccuracies. Anyway, clearly he should be made of chromium. Chroooomium.


Posted by zztzed at Thu Feb 23 2006 07:25

I recall in one episode that Crow told Mike he was made of molybdenum. A bit of googling (crow "I'm made of molybdenum") reveals this to have been in episode 814, "Riding With Death".

Posted by Leonard at Thu Feb 23 2006 07:51

Molybdenum was my original thought! But I didn't remember an actual quote, so I just chalked it up to my general obsession with molybdenum. Riding With Death is one of the few Sci-Fi Channel episodes I've seen, so I probably was remembering that.


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