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[Comments] (5) : Today's cool things: Ruby encryption libraries! Crypt, which is pure Ruby, and EzCrypto, a wrapper around the user-unfriendly OpenSSL bindings. Dunno why I didn't think of an encryption recipe until so late in the project. Also, only today did I really put all the pieces together about how public-key encryption works. The only difference from single secret key encryption is that there are two ways of getting to the key. Is that right?

Update: I don't know anything.

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Posted by Leonard at Fri Feb 24 2006 08:33

That could work too. The thing that confused me was that the crypto libraries had no support for different keys. It looked like you had to use the same key to encrypt and decrypt. But I guess you could arrange the keys such that one key could decrypt the output of another. The main thing I realized yesterday was that the encryption algorithms themselves have nothing to do with the keys.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Feb 24 2006 16:03

Well, hell. I was right about public-key encryption the first time.


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