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CONSTRAINED COMICS COMICS: Jack Masters gave me a fun set of constraints and the result is a two-page comic (click the first page to get the second page).

The constraints were:

  1. The comic must be non-linear
  2. The Xth panel of the comic must contain a character who's name starts with letter X of the alphabet. See below for a full list.
  3. The comic must be a murder mystery, and for every character in the comic there must be an ending where they are revealed to be the murderer
  4. You and I must be in the comic. I couldn't find any pictures of Jack, so I represented him by the kangaroo from the movie "Kangaroo Jack".
  5. The comic must advertize WHAMMO, made by satan's minions

Sumana requested a suggested order for the panels, to deal with the non-linearity. The best I can do is 4-9-5-1-11-12, and then 7 as the PSA at the end. The rest of the panels are just possible endings.

List of characters: Adam (played by Adam Kaplan), Beelzebub, Cerberus, the Devil (in snake form), Eve (played by a character from the video game Parasite Eve; probably not actually named Eve), Furfur (look it up! I did!), Giant Anthropomorphic Pineapple, Hastur, Imp, Jack Masters, Kraken, and yours truly.

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