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[Comments] (6) : Sumana said my comic was too crowded and complicated and therefore not funny. I can't do anything about the complicatedness at this point, but I can do something about the crowdedness. Crowdedness is my great artistic sin, especially when it comes to collage. So I went back and got rid of some unneccessary graphical elements and improved the colors for the JPEG output while I was at it. Still no guarantees as to funniness, though I did treat a couple really overused jokes as "unneccessary graphical elements".


Posted by Jack Masters at Sun Feb 26 2006 20:16

I thought it was great! The crowdedness is mostly my fault, I think, although it's suprising how sparse you can make most of these things if you just follow the letter and not the spirit.

Anyway the crowdedness reminds me of something, though I can't say what.

I can't remember seeing any other comics you've made, have you made any?

Posted by Leonard at Sun Feb 26 2006 23:23

Glad you liked it, since as Sumana points out you were the audience. Kris liked it too, so you're not alone.

Your constraints 2-4 were lethal together. I thought about designating a single mystery-shrouded panel "Panel X", but by that time I had a story and I wanted to do the story.

I've made a couple other comics, available in my /comics/ subdirectory which I should move somewhere. The only good one is the Captain Planet one (which Kris drew), but you might like "Eat a Pit" and "Popart the Sailor Man". The clip art format is much more amenable to my skills.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Feb 27 2006 01:46

I think crowdedness in collage has its place.

Posted by Jack Masters at Mon Feb 27 2006 19:26

I do remember the captain planet one, now that you mention it. I also liked the checkerboard nightmare storyline you wrote.

I find the way you draw bill gates to be very funny for some reason. I was made to watch a movie called... i can't remember the name, but it... triumph of the nerds, about bill gates and steve jobs and xerox. It was funny, but it needed more steve ballmer.

The jokes about bubble sorting weren't funny, but the realization that i was one of a tiny percentage of people who even understood why they were supposed to be funny was funny. I once designed an avatar of bubble sorting, like the grim reaper or whatnot. I never drew him, but he had a blue robe and a big bubble for a head, and a hawaiian hat like punchy the hawaiian punch guy, because i can draw those. Sort of.

Posted by Jack Masters at Mon Feb 27 2006 19:37

Also you should know the MP3s directory for nowhere standard time is 403ed

Posted by Leonard at Thu Mar 02 2006 17:25

I'm not seeing that.


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