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: Z Machine Sets Unexpected Earth Temperature Record. The forthcoming Inform 7 must be hotter than I'd thought.

[Comments] (3) Formal: I have to convince some people that I'm being paid for my work on the Cookbook instead of doing it for no reason. I faxed them a printout of the invoice page from my agent's website. Not good enough. I've got the right idea, but they need something that looks more formal. Could I maybe fax them a printout of a web page that shows the deposits going into my bank account? Those bank web pages have real formal-looking HTML. Of course I can black out all my account numbers and any sensitive information before faxing in the printout.

Incidentally, I recently became a Texas oil millionaire. Why you laughin', li'l buttercup? Ain't it the truth, why it says so right here on this printout of a web page about my bank account.


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