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: Did you know there was an Arctic Winter Games? They "promote culture and values". I got lottery spam trying to convince me I'd won some AWG-related cash prize (maybe victims think they won bronze in Dog Mushing and forgot to pick up their prize?), so either the games are better known in other parts of the world, or a spammer is a big fan of them.

[Comments] (1) Earwax: This BoogaBooga entry reminded me of an experience I had at the Met. I was looking at ancient Chinese artifacts including an earwax pick shaped like an alligator. I was thinking what a strange kind of thing an earwax pick was. Then a family came up to the same case and the mother of the family said "Look, an earwax spoon like the one we have, only it's shaped like an alligator! Isn't that neat?" Supposedly George Washington had an earwax spoon too, so I guess that makes me the only person on earth who doesn't own one.

Would you like to learn more about earwax? Too bad. Already the knowledge burrows through your tympanum and into your brain!

And then I FREEZE-DRY the marshmallows!: When I was hanging out with Adam/Kim/Kris someone pointed out that if kids' breakfast cereal didn't already exist and have a lot of machinery dedicated to making it, no one would eat it except as an avant-garde dessert like a floating island.


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