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[Comments] (5) Humanocentrism: "Ever wondered what form your favorite Transformers would take if they existed in different eras?" Presumably they would look a lot like they normally do, since they're aliens from another planet and not restricted to Earth's current level of technology.

Just part of my longstanding tradition of taking the logic of Transformers at face value when nobody else does.


Posted by steve minutillo at Fri Mar 03 2006 15:10

HELLO! They totally WOULDN'T! Don't you remember the first episode? When they crashed on Earth they looked like cool futuristic space ships, but then to better blend in with Earth vehicles, Teletran-1 turned them all into trucks and jets while repairing them.


Posted by Leonard at Fri Mar 03 2006 15:27

That's actually the most sensible Transformers thing I've ever heard. I never saw the TV show so I missed it. Doesn't explain the dinosaur Transformers though.

Posted by Andy H. at Fri Mar 03 2006 16:09

I used to have a Transformers comic book which corroborated the origin described by the first commenter. The Transformers came from a world with only mechanical life, so the computer mistakenly believed that it was allowing them to blend in with the local fauna.

I guess the 'Beast Wars' Transformers lived in a future where they'd taught their probes to recognize organic life.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Mar 03 2006 16:12

Similar to Ford Prefect's experience, actually.

Posted by steve minutillo at Fri Mar 03 2006 17:54

Apparently there are conflicting creation myths surrounding the Dinobots .


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