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MOCCA: We went to the MOCCA indie comics show today with Sarah. We met many people including Ryan North, and spent way too much money on comic books. On Monday something even more awesome will happen.

We met Dorothy of Cat and Girl, who was as shy as I would be if I had written an amazing webcomic and had to stand around while people fawned over me all day. WHAT I AM SAYING IS THAT I SYMPATHIZE.

We wandered for a while (usually but not always a good strategy) and found a good vegan pan-Asian restaurant and a chocolate-obsessed store. Now we are admiring our huge stacks of comic books.

Uncle Leonard's Dub Shack: Hey, Uncle Morty's Dub Shack is showing new episodes again. I meant to warn you earlier, but I was too busy buying comic books. Today they showed the episode in which Sumana and I were extras, and you missed it. Unless you've been Tivoing it, you'll have to wait until it gets rerun, which I'm sure it will be indefinitely.

Here's a still Jimbo sent us, though not from footage that was actually used. I wonder if this qualifies us for IMDB entries. I'm only credited as "Leonard".

I recommend you watch it if only to use our gaudy dress as markers for the amazing continuity errors. We warp around the bar, appearing in almost every scene because we were the only extras who showed up on time for the shoot.

The episode itself is best summarized by a Trevor line: "That's the second-best song I've ever heard about big butts!" Later I'll tell you about a funny scene that they cut.

: Earlier I speculated that you could improve any game by replacing the human characters with cars. The movie Cars demonstrates that this does not work for movies.


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