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[Comments] (2) Strapping Young Men: Jake Berendes has two guitars but only one guitar strap. This posed problems when we were practicing for our one and only gig. He ingeniously made a new guitar strap by cutting up a bicycle inner tube. It felt great on the shoulders, really light. Take that, MAKE Magazine!

Then we practiced and played the gig (which went well), and the next day my left hand hurt. The elasticity of the inner tube that made it so easy on the shoulders made it very hard on my left hand, which had to support the neck of the guitar as well as do the fingering. Take that, people who reflexively build anything they see described on a weblog! Fortunately, the pain is now mostly gone.

If we can figure out a way to do that kind of strap that doesn't stress the left hand, we'll have it made. It was really comfortable until I stopped using it.


Posted by alice at Sat Jun 24 2006 15:54

Maybe having a section of inner tube at the shoulder, and having the rest of the strap be woven? As a non-guitar player, though, I'm not sure whether this would provide enough support to prevent the hand-ache. (Or retain enough elasticity to keep the comfort.)


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