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[Comments] (5) : Frickin post office lost eight chapters of my Ruby Cookbook edits.


Posted by Alyson at Mon Jun 05 2006 16:35

I'm very distrustful of the USPS since I received my repackaged box of your mom's geneological stuff (badly damaged, I might add). Sorry about your edits. Hugs!

Posted by John at Mon Jun 05 2006 19:08

I've been told that the USPS has a slightly less than 1% error rate. However, when you factor in the magnitude of all they do, that fraction of a % is a very important and significant amount of mails. And they seem to always lose the important stuff.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Tue Jun 06 2006 04:21

Was that the one we mailed while there?! Did your other packages show up?

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jun 06 2006 13:21

That sucks

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jun 06 2006 14:25

Yeah, it was that one. I redid the edits yesterday and today.

So far three of the packages have shown up. Neither of my insured packages have, yet.


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