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[Comments] (2) I Am A: Mike Popovic heard my earlier song I Am A Cowboy and filked it for his daughter Zoe. He turned it into I Am A Pirate, which I dutifully recorded. Both songs are now part of a concept album called I Am A, which explores the spectrum of authenticity and total fakiness.

Where will the trail of improvisation lead next? Ninjas? Robots? Some other nerdy role-play?

[Comments] (1) Experiments: Today I did a thing Sumana has long suggested I do, and took my writing on the road. Down to the cafe about two blocks away. I had lemonade and a sandwich, and wrote book stuff on Sumana's laptop.

I'm not a huge fan of doing that kind of thing; I managed to stay about an hour and a half before it got to me and I had to leave. Did it help my writing? Maybe, but not $13 worth, which is what I spent on food. I'm going to try the cafe three blocks away tomorrow, but I think that mid-day work-trips to cafes will just be occasional treats to eat a lunch I didn't make.

Speaking of which, I went early this morning to the farmer's market in Union Square, which has really picked up since the dead of winter when I first went. Now it's full of cheap carrots and radishes and stone fruits, reasonably priced tomatoes, slightly expensive berries, and expensive garlic. Someone said "These tomatoes are severely deformed! Are you going to charge me extra for this?". I also saw a woman in chef garb pushing a metal cart around with some food on it--could this be one of the "celebrity chefs" who frequent the Union Square market, buying "celebrity food" for their "celebrity restaurants"? Who cares, really? Remind me to tell you about restaurant food sometime.

Usually when I go into Manhattan I try to wait until at least 10, because otherwise you're crammed into a subway car with a bunch of commuters and it feels like a demonstration of Avogadro's number. But today I went along with Sumana so I could buy stuff at the farmer's market and get home in time to make gazpacho and give it lots of time to soak. Sumana invited some people from Fog Creek over for dinner and the theme was to be "cold".

So I made gazpacho, and a tasty couscous/tofu/cucumber/tomato dish, and sliced deformed tomatoes with salt (not really cold, but you have to eat that at every opportunity while the farmer's market tomatoes are around). For dessert: vanilla ice cream with rasperries. Theme: embodied!

On an absolute timescale, dinner preparations kept me busy enough that I didn't write as much as I'd have liked. But I did discover some interesting facts which will go in the book.


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