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Dream Update:

Sumana: I dreamed I was having dinner with the president, and I was cracking all these jokes, but nobody was laughing.
Leonard: You dreamed you were Stephen Colbert?

Google Code: A couple weeks ago I talked with Jason Robbins about my new book project. Jason works at Google, along with Greg Stein and several of the other people I respected most at CollabNet.

Jason pointed out that usually when you make a decision it's like the poem from high school, where you never find out what would have happened to your life if you'd chosen differently. But occasionally you do get a glimpse. He said that soon I would get a glimpse of what I'd be doing if I'd gone to work at Google with Greg and him.

And so I have. It seems I would be working on Google Code, a site for hosting open source projects a lot like Tigris and the other CollabNet software development sites.

Hum. Okay, Google is probably a more fun place to work than CollabNet, and Google Code has some great features (I like the radically simple approach to bug tracking). But I don't think Counterfactual Leonard would be happy quitting one job in frustration only to go do another one that's basically the same. I think I'm happier on the road less travelled.

: No one's reading this because Crummy's nameserver died. Kevin's putting together another one. In the meantime, I'd like to point out that I'm not the only one doing promotional tutorials. Among other things, Lucas gave an OSCON talk on distributed programming with DRb and Rinda. He had everyone with a laptop stop typing snide comments into an IRC channel and run his distributed Ruby code, creating an ad hoc SETI@Home project to find prime numbers. Pretty slick.


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