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[Comments] (1) Rejection and Acceptance: I came home to discover two emails: "Mallory" got rejected by Futurismic and "Unit Testing a Book" got accepted by the O'Reilly Network. Not that I normally have trouble getting technical articles accepted, but it took away some of the sting of bitter, bitter rejection. With lots of helpful feedback and an invitation to resubmit after a rewrite. Silence, reasonable self!

If I may self-analyze, I think my biggest fiction failing is a pathological fear of writing infodumps. I relentlessly avoid explaining anything except in sidelong glances. The result is a pointillistic story that you can't understand without reading it multiple times. To make you want to read the story multiple times I cram it full of ideas. Which must be explained. In sidelong glances. My stories look like flip books. You have to work to see the plot.

Does anyone else have this problem? (Especially published writers whose work I can look at?) I'll let you know what strategies I can figure out against it.

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Posted by camilla at Fri Aug 04 2006 14:20

I avoid explaining stuff when I write, but I write screenplays so it's okay.


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