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[Comments] (3) Conservation of Commas: When I was about eight my mother told me a story that took place while she was clerking law. There was a lawsuit between someone who wanted something built, and the builder they'd hired to build it. The contract read something like "The builder who is responsible for the inspection shall...". It should have read "The builder, who is responsible for the inspection, shall...".

The builder came to court and shrugged its collective shoulders comically and said that it had never heard about these other builders or which one of them was responsible for the inspection, but the contract gave it no reason to believe that it was that unfortunate builder.

Ever since then I wondered what happened to those commas. Now thanks to Teresa Nielsen Hayden I see that one of them has shown up in Canada. Where's the other one?


Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 08 2006 12:44

I bet it has shown up as an apostrophe somewhere ghastly.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Aug 08 2006 13:48



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