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The Science of Sleep: Sumana and I saw this movie yesterday. She didn't like it that much because the protagonist is messed up in ways that she doesn't sympathize with. I did sympathize, and liked the film a lot, though the ending glosses over the fact that long-term there's no way things can work out for this guy.

Unstrangely, the night after seeing this movie I had several very vivid dreams, including one that took the form of a MST3K skit. This is fitting because the movie's aesthetic was very MST3Kish. In my dream Joel went off somewhere to fight a space monster. The bots were worried about him, and when he came back unharmed they clamored to hear the story of the fight. Joel gathered them around in his parental way and started rambling on and on about strategy and fight psychology and everything but the fight itself. "And, you know, I'm not double-jointed or anything, us Hodgsons [sic] have always fought with the one set of joints." Etc. I'm not that big of a guy, but I'll crawl ya. The dream also involved Tom Servo's head being used as a disco ball.


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