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: At last, a cartoon that furthers my propaganda war against the Ice King. Includes John DiMaggio. via Ryan.

[Comments] (1) My Favorite Mortal: We came up with this idea for a 60s sitcom of the fantastic, in the style of Bewitched or I Dream of Jeanie. One of the deities of the Greek pantheon comes down from Olympus and becomes espoused to a mortal, takes on a day job as an advertising executive. Not only is this the top job in 60s sitcoms but its theme of mortal-manipulation fits in well with the preexisting skill set. There are, I hardly need to point out, hijinks aplenty in this concept.

We didn't reach agreement on which deity it should be. If it's Zeus you can have a funny theme song about a swan/shower-of-gold encounter gone awry, but that's about all Zeus has going for him. What about Athena? Still working on the concept. There's no rush as it will be quite a while before time loops back on itself and the 1960s come along again.


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