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[Comments] (2) : Another thing I did while I was sick was watch a bunch of Space Ghost. Not Coast to Coast, but the original Hanna-Barbera animations. Usually sentences of that form are intended to imply that the "original" is superior, but sentences of that form don't usually have "Hanna-Barbera" after "original". Space Ghost is as bad as every other Hanna-Barbera animation, and the Cartoon Planet recontextualizations, despite being often puerile and childish to the point that Sumana won't watch them with me, are greatly superior by any measure.

This makes catching up on the Space Ghost canon a good way to use time when you're sick but can't go to sleep: even when you feel like you can't do anything you're up to the task of comprehending a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. The stories are dull, the animation is yabba-dabba-lame, and the orchestration is almost always this ponderous horn section stuff. On the plus side, the art itself is good, the guest villains are often excellent, and sometimes the horn section gives way to '60s jazz.

It's pretty clear that the scripts were written in total disjunction from the animation, because everything that happens is both shown and clearly narrated. It's like the script to a radio show with no foley. Made up example: "I'll open the door. What's that coming through the door? Some kind of... monster! It's got me! I'll just... use my power bands!" Actual quote: "I've got to stall for time!" Truer words were never said.

In the first episode, Space Ghost and his pals go to another planet and just complain about everything, like stereotypical American tourists. Hey, people live on this planet! Or did, until you blew it up. "I can only pray that these poor creatures will find a home." My heart bleeds for your concern, Space Ghost. How about not blowing up the home they already have?

I only remember one funny joke. Villain: "Behind that door is a super-mechanical creature who needs only one thing--the brain of Space Ghost!" Space Ghost: "Oh, that routine!" Lots of unintentional jokes, such as Tansit's reassuring: "No threat, Space Ghost. Just a demonstration of my newest weapons of destruction."

It was fun to see Zorak and Brak. Zorak sounds just like in C2C, but Brak has a kind of German accent. Like I said, the guest villains are the best part. Sometimes you get a Law and Order type intro where the villain finishes off some unfortunate cargo ship and then Space Ghost comes over to investigate.

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Posted by AnonymousCoward at Sat Jan 20 2007 20:22

Unless I am missing a point I think you mean "Barbera" (Joseph Barbera) rather than Barbara.

I fully admit that I misread the name for many years.

Posted by Leonard at Sat Jan 20 2007 20:24

Argh, I spent so much time (approx 10 seconds) making sure I got "Hanna" right I had no time left for the "Barbera". Thanks.

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