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[Comments] (3) : It really is nice to watch snow fall. People aren't kidding.


Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 23 2007 10:17

esp. when you are warm inside! with soup! and a book! !

Posted by Zack at Tue Jan 23 2007 11:43

Next, you shall learn the joy of walking down empty streets in the new-fallen snow, listening to the eerily silent city. Unless, as is all too frequent in NYC, it doesn't stick. :(

Posted by James McKenzie at Wed Jan 24 2007 00:19

It's even more fun when you are in 'Sunny' Arizona. Yes, it was a mess here in Tucson on Monday. It is also fun to watch folks who have little/no experience drive on it. It is good however, to fire up the stove, get out the pot, and make some REAL hot chocolate and then curl up in bed with your 'honey'.

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