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[Comments] (2) : This breakfast cereal has "the goodness of soy". What if I want the evil of soy?


Posted by Danny at Fri Jan 26 2007 14:39

Some years back I used to suffer periodically from crippling migraines (the "cluster headache" variety, you get a bunch of them over a few days, then nothing for weeks). Drugs were no help. A friend suggested I monitored my diet - turned out the pain always started a day or two after I'd eaten vegeburgers - soya textured vegetable protein was the culprit. Stopped eating them, no more headaches. Evil soy!!

Posted by ken at Sun Jan 28 2007 13:29

Nearly all soya products contain phytoestrogen. Only post-menopausal women should really be eating phytoestrogen. Younger healthy women don't need it, and it should certainly never be a part of any Alpha Male diet.

I say "nearly all" because the Orientals learned many years ago how to tame the evil soy, and that is to ferment it. Fermented (or converted) soya makes products such as tempeh, miso and soy sauce. Fortunately, guys, these fermented soya products will not increase your bust size.

In addition, soya is a significant allergen to many people. This is dangerous because it is so cheap (practically free) that soya is used as a filler in many foods including cakes, pastries and ice cream. Soya is so cheap it is also used in industry as a filler in wood glue and plastic resins.

Soya is widely used to dramatically increase the protein content of processed foods. Don't be misled by High-Protein food labelling. High protein diets are never a requirement. Newborn babies have the fastest growth rate and yet mothers milk is less than 1% protein. (Typically just under 0.8%). Even a slice of decent bread is probably 3% protein.

All soya is evil, don't touch it.

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