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[Comments] (1) The Sparrow: Man. Not as good as Fiasco, but more psychically traumatic, so it earns a high place in the "first contact goes catastrophically wrong" subgenre. After a long and excellent buildup the ending lacked a lot of plausibility, but I admire a writer who's willing to develop well-rounded characters and then just kill them off (not a spoiler). The timeline jumped around a lot but it never got confusing except once when there was a flashback inside a flashback. Is the sequel good?

: Wrote about HTTP caching today. The draft of the book is now basically done, except for Sam's chapter and the contributed section on Django. Caching was difficult to write about because it's a huge topic that I don't really want to cover in detail. I ended up giving just a couple recipes a server can use to say "cache" or "don't cache".


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