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[Comments] (3) REST Reviewers: Need some more people to look over the REST book before it starts going through the O'Reilly publishing pipeline. I have specific questions for people skilled in Javascript, demolition, HTTP headers, XMDP, and explosives. But I also want people who know about RESTful web services to look over the theory, and people who are curious to read it and see if they learn anything.

Oh, also if you know of any useful REST documents besides the obvious ones and the ones here, let me know so I can put them into an appendix.

Update: send me email (leonardr at segfault dot org) if you're interested so I don't need to hunt down your email address.


Posted by Pete Lacey at Sun Feb 18 2007 17:21

I'm game. Put me down as a theory and curious guy, but I'll review the Javascript etc. too,

Posted by Steve at Sun Feb 18 2007 20:55

I'd fall into the camp that knows about RESTful web services, but lives in a non-RESTful web services world [1] and is very curious about what I might be able to learn.

[1] we use Indigo/WCF to build a services layer for our "enterprise" app

Posted by Erik Wilde at Sun Feb 18 2007 22:34

i'd be interested because of my interested for web-based serviced in general, and my unhappiness with the soap world in particular.

i'd be curious to see whether the book contains any information about "wsdl for rest", one area where i think the rest community still has some homework to do. i haven't seen any widely used ways of describing rest web services, but i think this is something which has to exist.

so, i'd be interested to read the book, make some comments about high-level issues, and see how consistent the book is when it comes to principles of restful web services.

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