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[Comments] (4) Make: Sumana and I went to a store called Make (no relation) where you paint ceramic things, then come back in a week to collect them. Most of the ceramic things were useless tchotchkes, but they did have plates and coasters. We made four coasters and they turned out pretty nice despite my general sloppiness. I took some pictures today. Sumana did the stripes and the squiggles; I did the ladybug and the lines.


Posted by Brendan at Wed Mar 07 2007 18:40

I love the ladybug!

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 07 2007 20:53

me too! buggie!

Posted by Claudia at Thu Mar 08 2007 19:44

Nice coasters!

Posted by Alyson at Fri Mar 09 2007 00:00

Very cool coasters, and nice farmer's market, too! Ours doesn't open until early May. :(

Have a fun trip!

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