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[Comments] (1) : Thanks to the newfound popularity of the Powerpoint Karaoke concept, Sumana was looking around at a site I'd never heard of before: Slideshare, the revolutionary new site that lets you see random peoples' slide decks. Sumana was trying to adapt to Powerpoint presentations Teresa Nielsen Hayden's advice for finding bad fanfic online. I suggested searching for corporate buzzwords and rote phrases, which worked very well. For instance, Sumana reports good results for "the end of the day". Of course, there's also a filetype:ppt search.


Posted by Teresa Nielsen Hayden at Mon Apr 16 2007 00:00

Strangely enough, the incidence of Google-findable online fiction which contains that sentence has dropped like a stunned duck. Either Google's gotten tetchy about searching for it, or we've collectively managed to kill off that characteristic bad sentence.

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