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[Comments] (6) : I went to an ITP art show this evening where my friend Adam Parrish was exhibiting his "byte organ". This is illegal where Adam comes from, but anything goes here in libertine New York. I took some pictures including one of Adam in front of the byte organ's video output. "It looks like you're on the cover of WIRED," I said. Now it looks even more like that because I made a fake WIRED cover for Adam. The other really cool thing at the show was the solar xylophone, by this guy.


Posted by Leonard at Sun Apr 29 2007 23:07

PS: TLPC joke by Sumana.

Posted by Paul Collins at Mon Apr 30 2007 02:37

I am very tired today and so it took me a few tries to read all that text you have there next to the picture. Up until I managed that feat, I fully accepted that as a genuine Wired cover. Now for some tea, Dilmah, hot.

Posted by Adam P. at Mon Apr 30 2007 02:54

Haha, that's awesome! I'm flattered. This is a slightly better URL for Rory's project, if you're interested, including some nice photos. Thanks to both of you for coming to see the show!

Posted by Susie at Wed May 02 2007 12:01

I too did not read your entry. I read the illegal part and thought your representation of an actual wired cover was what you were referring to.

Posted by Zack at Sun May 06 2007 13:42

Even after reading everything Rory has on it I am still not understanding what it is the solar xylophone does... Help?

Posted by Leonard at Sun May 06 2007 20:31

Each bar of the xylophone has a devoted mallet. Each mallet has a capacitor or something (ROCK OR SOMETHING) and when it's fully charged, the mallet strikes. Ideally, if you leave it out in the sun you'll have a melody that changes as the sun moves. When I saw it, there were a couple lamps you could arrange to focus light on favored keys. The room was pretty dark.


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