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[Comments] (4) : Sorry for suspense, but Sumana was asleep and I didn't want to rummage around in the bedroom for the camera. In defiance of all my previous experience with publishers, O'Reilly sent me a copy of RESTful Web Services before it was even published! I wasn't expecting to get a copy for a long time, since the entire first batch is being shipped off to RailsConf.

That's Ian holding the book when we went out for pizza. More pictures here.


Posted by Leonard at Thu May 10 2007 11:25

Wow! That doesn't sound _right_, but it might be true. I don't know why they didn't plan to print more.

Posted by Leonard at Thu May 10 2007 18:48

O'Reilly says that Amazon's notification is due to a glitch. Amazon has about 200 units on order so you should get it pretty soon after it's released. Amazon doesn't have the books yet but they probably will in a couple days.

Posted by Rachel at Fri May 11 2007 00:10

how do you post a picture in your blog like that?


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