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[Comments] (3) The Confusion : Amazon told some people that their copies of RESTful Web Services wouldn't be delivered until July. According to O'Reilly this is a vicious slander, and they insist that "honor be satisfied". Actually they said it was a glitch; I'm just making it sound more interesting. Amazon has a big order in to the printer, so you should get your books soon. (Thanks, Bonnie, for the information.)


Posted by rsbohn at Fri May 11 2007 11:18

Congrats! Can't wait to get my copy.

Posted by Mark Eichin at Wed May 16 2007 03:09

I also got the "not until July" message... but just got mail saying that it will be arriving before the end of the week after all, including tracking number. woohoo!

Posted by Mark Eichin at Fri May 18 2007 02:57

Just for completeness: it arrived Thursday, May 17.

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