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Mushroom Wellington: When we went to England we had a great lunch in Cambridge at a place called Rainbow Cafe. The highlight of my meal was a "champignon torsade", a puff pastry twist with mushrooms. Today one of Sumana's coworkers came over and I made a similar dish for dinner. It turned out incredibly well so I'll give you a recipe.

First I took the puff pastry out to thaw and made the filling. This starts with crimini mushrooms, chopped up and sauteed. Add some salt, pepper, and thyme. Then you chop up some asparagus stalks and steam them.

To those two add a cheese sauce. I made a roux with about a tablespoon each of butter and flour, then added a quarter-cup of milk and stirred in about three ounces of blue cheese.

By this time the puff pastry was thawed. My pastry was folded into fourths so it was natural to turn each fourth into a Wellington. I cut the pastry into fourths and brushed around the edges of each with egg wash. I stuck filling in the middle and folded the pastry over to make a Wellington/burrito shape. 20 minutes at 400 degrees gives delicious mushroom-asparagus pastries.

We ate these with a salad assembled from the farmer's market, and dessert was strawberries from same.

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