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[Comments] (4) : John le Carré should write a novelization of Spy vs. Spy.


Posted by jaacob at Thu Jun 14 2007 01:10

there's a screenplay floating around for a spy vs spy movie, and obviously i read a good chunk of it. the best part is when someone calls someone else a "murky jerkloaf". actually, i can only assume that was the best part, as that's the only part i can remember. actually, maybe this was a dream.

Posted by ..- -. -.-. .-.. . .--. . -.. .-. --- at Thu Jun 14 2007 14:23

Yeah! I it should actually be a Philip Jose Farmer-esque serious pulp fiction take on the Spy vs. Spy formula. It would be like good vs. evil James Bond, and the two spies would both be trying to kill each other for the whole movie, repeatedly escaping (or alternatively, getting non-fatally maimed by) each others' booby traps while trying to accomplish some task for their bosses. Then at the end of the movie, you get to see who wins!

Posted by Leonard at Thu Jun 14 2007 14:25

Hollywood.com says a SvS adaptation is in the works, a story about "spies who no longer have a job now that the Cold War is over." Hey, that was my spy screenplay idea.

Posted by ..- -. -.-. .-.. . .--. . -.. .-. --- at Fri Jun 15 2007 05:31

so like, when the one spy dies, he gets replaced for the next sequel but the other guy comes back.

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