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[Comments] (1) Awesome Day: Today Adam and I walked the GG Bridge, and ate at Greens, and Chez Panisse (cafe), and saw Mike Daisey do a monologue. I don't even know how all this awesome stuff happened. At first I had a superstition that this awesome day meant a very terrible day was in my future. Then I decided that it was actually meant to cancel out some very terrible day in my past. Then I decided that kind of thinking was counterproductive, and got out the dental floss.


Posted by Sumana at Fri Jun 22 2007 08:34

Yay re awesome day! Smooch! I finished a draft of that big work project and got linked to by Daring Fireball, so that was neat for me.

Mike Daisey lives in New York City, so we can see a monologue of his sometime!

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