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[Comments] (3) : The Transformers movie is about to come out, and it's looking like a fiasco. How did this happen? Perhaps NYCB's fake 2003 interview with producer Tom DeSanto will shed some light on the matter. Or perhaps not, since, as previously stipulated, I made the whole thing up.

NYCB: So, in a live-action context how do you plan to deal with the fact that there are effectively no humans in the Transformers universe?

TDS: Well, there are humans, but nobody cares about them. They just fix things and get into trouble. So I'm going to introduce a new human character, Humie the Human. He's someone the audience can relate to.

PS: would it be possible to program a Wii to act as a theremin?


Posted by Matt Brubeck at Fri Jun 29 2007 23:56



Posted by Jeremy Penner at Sat Jun 30 2007 01:43

It's possible to program a Mac or PC to read the Wii remote over bluetooth and do whatever it likes with the data (3 accelerometers). (Windows: GlovePIE, Linux: Cwiid, Mac: DarwiinRemote)

Most drivers have some code that calculates the remote's orientation for you, but as far as I know nobody has extracted a position in 3D space, which is of obvious importance for a proper theremin. It's dirt simple to get it to make spooooky sine waves when you wiggle it in something like Pure Data, though. There's also lots of code out there to spit out the sensor readings as MIDI notes.

I just killed my entire evening playing with this stuff.

Posted by Adam P. at Sat Jun 30 2007 03:05

Some video examples: Wiimote controlling Moog (and playing Star Trek theme) and someone with the simplest possible Max/MSP patch. Looks like these are just using the accelerometer, though, and not any of the fancier position sensing (or the nunchuk attachment ...).

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