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[Comments] (1) : Amazon's new Flexible Payments Service is cool but its "REST" interface is about as RESTful as Flickr's and del.icio.us's "REST" interfaces. This is pretty disappointing since Amazon's S3 is one of the coolest RESTful web services around.

Everyone reading this weblog is probably sick of my explanations, but here it is: FPS, Flickr, and del.icio.us all use URIs to designate functions when URIs are supposed to designate objects. This takes you from object-oriented programming back to procedural programming. They expect clients to invoke functions through GET requests, which means caching can't work, clients need to handle URIs like sticks of dynamite because there's no telling what GET might do, etc.

There are other problems, like their two status codes and 70ish error codes delivered through the single HTTP status code 200 (OK). But you don't have to drink the entire pitcher of REST kool-aid to want to get rid of the big architectural problems.

Amazon SQS had almost exactly the same non-RESTful "REST" interface until people complained, so maybe complaining will work here.

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Posted by Aaron at Fri Aug 03 2007 12:47

Hey, Aaron here from FreshBooks, we're one of the companies that's been working with Amazon to integrate FPS support. We're almost there. Thoughts are here:


You make a good point about the interface to it, hopefully it's something they'll offer an alternative to in the short run rather than the long!

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