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[Comments] (4) : A few years ago my family had a brief interest in Kinder Eggs, possibly as Christmas stocking stuffers. They were objects of intrigue, being illegal in the US because of some ridiculous law about putting non-food items inside of food. Those non-food items were cool toys which you could assemble; my mother was very fond of a cow which made a funny face when you moved its tail.

Maybe a year ago I saw Kinder Eggs start showing up in stores in the US. I thought the law was now a dead letter, but Wikipedia alleges our imported Kinder Eggs have simply been adulterated with stickers and other lame treats, instead of cool machines you build. I will investigate.

Apparently Apparently lame Kinder Eggs have now taken over in the UK too, in a heavy-handed analogy for the detrimental effects of copyright harmonization.


Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 15 2007 00:58

I ate one the other day in sofia. unfortunatley my toy was a jellyfish, and I am not so fond of jellyfish as they marred my black sea swiming experience.

Posted by Adam P. at Wed Aug 15 2007 01:04

Sabrina also has a kinder egg obsession. I brought some home from Estonia for her, but it turns out it was unnecessary: they sell them at Economy Candy (on the lower East Side). The kinder eggs they sell there have some kind of Slavic language on them and contain fun, chokable toys that you build - no stickers in sight.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Aug 15 2007 08:21

PS to clickolinko: I stand by my use of the word "treat" in this entry.

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 15 2007 11:04

I've heard they are sold at Pirate-O's here in Utah.

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