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After School Special: All right, let's put some meat on this online bone. After School Special is the album that collects songs I've linked to from NYCB over the past six years, but never archived in any consistent place. It includes the sprawling Leonard/Adam/Kris musical deconstructions of the '80s, the spam songs, the 10-second compilation songs, Frog/Antifrog (finally!), etc. etc. etc. All cross-referenced with the original NYCB announcements to prove I'm not cheating, for some obscure value of "cheating". Enjoy it if you dare.

: About a year and half ago, the Dadasaurus Rex scraper broke and I didn't notice. I've fixed it and now DR has twice the source material to work with.

: More cleanup. I redid my music page around a much better-looking graphical metaphor based on album covers. This meant creating CD-style covers for the five albums that didn't have them. I'm especially proud of the cover for version 1.1.2pl14. While I was at it, I took v112pl14 and Bad Stupid Delerious up to modern standards of lyric sheet- and liner note-having. Will do the rest later.

The other main thing I did today was add a bit more to the The Future: A Retrospective backlog.


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