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[Comments] (2) Dentist 2.0: Teeth still suck, and my dentist is very young. I'm used to dentists being really old guys and middle-aged women, but this guy is only a couple years older than me. You know there are now people in Congress younger than me? Probably. Anyway, he's got these glasses and this haircut and it's like having Ira Glass as your dentist. "Act One: Novocaine." I'm assuming dentistry is his day job until his indie rock band gets signed.

Pseudo-update: I checked and there's no one in Congress younger than me, but it's getting there. It's almost like I'm getting older as time passes.


Posted by Sumana at Fri Aug 24 2007 09:41

I asked and the dentist is like 41 years old. But he does indeed look like he lives in Williamsburg. Maybe he passes aging on to his patients and we take on the wrinkles instead of him, like in that Next Gen episode where Troi is that guy's psychic trash can. Or among the tasteful mosaics and sculptures in his office decor hangs an oddly familiar portrait....

Posted by Susie at Fri Aug 24 2007 13:16

ah, I tried to comment here earlier. I had a cavity filled the other day. My dentist is a woman, just a few years older than I.

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