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[Comments] (4) Ice Has A Bucket: Of all the hotel accoutrements the only truly bizarre one is the ice bucket. I don't use more ice in a hotel than I do at home. When I do, the ice bucket is too small for the purpose I have in mind: surreptitiously filling an ice chest. So why does every motel and hotel offer ice machines and ice buckets? It's like a peanut sheller in every room, reproaching me for not eating more peanuts. What, in short, is the deal?

After careful consideration I believe the deal is booze. People come to hotels to booze it up, and cocktails demand ice. Evidence: if you buy an ice bucket for your house it's going to be in the context of a home bar. Mystery: solved?


Posted by Brendan at Mon Aug 27 2007 23:32

Ice buckets are good booze.

Posted by Kevan at Tue Aug 28 2007 11:17

I'd say it was more about fast-chilling bottles and cans of booze, but don't hotels also have refrigerated minibars, and discourage people from bringing drinks in from the outside world?

Posted by Holly at Tue Aug 28 2007 19:20

Perhaps it's a subtle way of providing somewhere to be sick that's handy and portable, for customers who have had too much to drink from the above-mentioned refrigerated minibar, and without making everyone else think "eww, vomit".

Posted by jacob at Wed Aug 29 2007 15:22

you guys need to get out of the "can and bottle" mindset and into the "tom collins glass" scene. booze isn't really kept cold- i don't know why, but it's always colded up immediately before drinking. hence, ice, and the delivery structures thereof. also, beer may be "good booze" in the LDR argot, but it is not actually booze.

this has been Booze Minute. i'm jacob berendes. good night.

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