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[Comments] (6) : One good thing about my Florida visit was that I got to visit three states I'd never visited before (FL plus Georgia and Alabama). You might know that I'm a bit obsessive about this, apart from the instrinsic interest of the different states, and have even used web tools to make maps of the states I've visited. But what was missing was a map that distinguished between the 5 minutes I've spent in Idaho and the 25 years I've spent in California. So I spent 5 minutes in New York and made my own multicolored map. Somewhat arbitrary house rules: time spent in airports doesn't count; time spent in car or train does; overnight stays are counted as "1 day".


Posted by susie at Wed Sep 05 2007 15:29

I think you should promote Colorado and Washington

Posted by Leonard at Wed Sep 05 2007 15:43

When did we spend a week in Colorado?

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 05 2007 18:56

according to mom's scrapbook we camped in Rico Colorado for several days, and I think went there another time.

Posted by Zack at Wed Sep 05 2007 20:00

What is that little enclave inside Florida?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Sep 05 2007 21:23

It's a laaaaaake!

Posted by Rachel at Thu Sep 06 2007 09:22

I think about this too. One of my goals is to visit every country in Europe by the time I am 30. I am over halfway there! But the sematics of it... Do microstates count? yes... Does Iceland count? no... Training through counts as having "been there" but visiting requires an overnight stay or setting out with the intent of seeing a city, iw a day trip... Since this only knocks out Austria for me it's not a big deal. What counts as having lived there? I just marked Serbia red on my "where I've been map." Sadly I think I have been to more European countries than I have states. Or happily?

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