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: In keeping with today's theme of doing things Sumana already did, I took a career quiz. Here are its top recommended careers for me, with careers I've seriously considered bolded like so many peanuts.

  1. Website Designer
  2. Industrial Designer
  3. Historian
  4. Computer Programmer
  5. Fashion Designer
  6. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
  7. Cartographer
  8. Sign Maker
  9. Interior Designer
  10. Electrician
  11. Cabinetmaker
  12. Electronics Assembler
  13. Costume Designer
  14. Set Designer
  15. Makeup Artist
  16. Computer Engineer
  17. Video Game Developer
  18. Multimedia Developer
  19. Mathematician
  20. Anthropologist

"Writer" showed up at 34. Looking back, my would-be careers tended to fall through due to me not having the relevant skills (cartoonist, mathematician, professional baseball player) or the market not existing anymore (multimedia developer? What is this, 1994? Well, it was at the time.) or the work just being not very exciting up close (video game developer, website designer, paleontologist).

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