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[Comments] (1) Bust a Birthday Rhyme: Adam Parrish and Susanna share today as their birthday, as you know if you peruse Today In History. Adam put up a great chiptune song that has the quivering synth that is the sound of something tugging on my nostalgia strings. In other music links, everyone who will get the in-jokes has probably already seen it, but Jason Scott's video for MC Frontalot's text adventure song is great. Not-so-fun fact: the first time I heard the song I heard "Nord and Bert" as "Niklaus Wirth".

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Posted by unclepedro at Wed Sep 19 2007 17:18

If you haven't seen it already, y'all should really check out http://chiptune.com/ ... I think a good many of us will have a major nostalgia attack.

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