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[Comments] (1) : Today I went through my bag of old Linux World Expo schwag looking for the Linuxcare "LINUXGRUVEN" bumper sticker to put on my laptop. I ended up spreading the schwag out and taking pictures of it. I can't believe how old this stuff is. Includes my collection of LNX-BBC CDs and my increasingly dubious can of OpenCola. I've thrown away that cup from the Slashdot party; it was in pretty bad shape. At one time it may have had sentimental value, but I've conveniently forgotten what that value might be.


Posted by pedro at Mon Oct 01 2007 10:37

I recently found my old early 1980s-era Apple Computer stickers (with the old Apple ][ font, not the later Mac-era font). It looks pretty good on the middle of the back of my Thinkpad.

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