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Cleanup: Today we did some cleanup and tried out the paper shredder I got Sumana for Christmas. Our paper trails are better-ordered now, and I also took the opportunity to finally make our wedding album.

This was a project that had been maturing for some time. The album is a shiny thing from Pottery Barn (people like to give us presents from Pottery Barn for some reason) and the pictures were from Sumana's sister. The two had been lying in proximity for many months, in the hopes that the album would absorb the pictures by osmosis. Today I decided that wasn't working and manually stuck the pictures in the album, if you can imagine such a primitive task. Now if you come to our house we have something to make you look at.

Retrogaming Times Monthly: There used to be an online magazine called Retrogaming Times. Its publishing schedule became erratic and it eventually stopped publishing. Some of the contributors started up a new magazine called Retrogaming Times Monthly. Since there's a publication frequency right in the name of the magazine, it can never go under! And the back issues are still fun, since the topic is not one that requires news hooks.


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