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[Comments] (2) When to Stop: I'm learning more about Mount Rushmore than I ever cared to, which is kind of distressing as I already knew more about Mount Rushmore than I ever cared to. I chose it as a minor example for the REST book because it's a well-known place about which people can have drastically different things to say. But now I'm finding out things that are just ridiculous.

For instance, the original scope of the project included not just busts of the four presidents but sculptures of their torsos. It would also have included "a massive panel in the shape of the Louisiana Purchase commemorating in eight-foot-tall gilded letters the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Louisiana Purchase, and seven other territorial acquisitions from Alaska to Texas to the Panama Canal Zone." And Washington would have been wearing one of those big foam "USA #1" hands. You know all those SUV ads that have the SUV climbing Mount Rushmore? They would have been moot because there already would have been an SUV carved into the top of the mountain.

I tried to go to the original source material on that (original source: artsy-fartsy art magazine) so as not to be passing around Wikipedia hearsay, but original source material was 1) behind a paywall that 2) pretended not to be a paywall for the Googlebot but 3) pretended not to be pretending not to be a paywall when I pretended to be the Googlebot. So I'm going to believe Wikipedia's characterization of the article just out of spite.

: Here's the No Twinkie Database, a more general list of game design flaws than my platformer-specific list.


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