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: The Medieval Bestiary collates the natural-historical inaccuracies of medieval sources into a single post-Borges work. I'd like to see the Roman and Greek sources included as well, but this is fun.

The echeneis is a fish, half a foot in length, that clings to ships and delays their passage. When this fish attaches to a ship, even in the high winds of a storm the ship will not move, but seems to be rooted in the sea. The echeneis is found in the Indian Sea.

Includes bonus coverage of stones:

The stone called oyster produces pearls. At dawn the oyster opens and takes in the rays of the stars, the moon and the sun, and also swallows dew, and from these come the pearl. The agate stone is attracted to pearls and so can be used to find them.

Does not include hit dice listings for some reason.


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