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[Comments] (3) What happened to cybernetics?: Cybernetics was pretty big in the 40s and 50s. People had all sorts of grandiose goals for it: using it to understand living and social systems, for instance. But it kind of died out; it's the one thing in Stanislaw Lem's fiction that seems dated.

I'm pretty sure cybernetics died out because it had a mechanical feel and didn't fit well with the simulation-based philosophy of the universal computer. But simulations need to be simulations of something, so why not feedback loops?


Posted by Nathaniel at Wed Jan 10 2007 21:23

Biology's a big field :-). Definitely there are neurobiologists, say, who use cutting edge information theory and control theory -- actually, those are the two subfields I can most easily think of examples for :-). (Check out, for instance, Pam Reinagel, Emo Todorov, Terry Sejnowski... N.B. list is entirely biased towards "people I happen to be geographically co-located with".)


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