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[Comments] (3) Roguelike Roundup: Quick takes on a bunch of roguelike games I've played recently.

One ludeme shared by most of these games is non-regenerating HP. I find this ups the difficulty greatly in a roguelike, where you can't rely on dexterity to evade enemies, so I tend to go for magicians or other characters who can self-heal, like the allegedly reformed vampire in CastlevaniaRL.

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Posted by Zack at Sat Oct 13 2007 18:42

I have no idea if you read my blog on a regular basis or not, but I posted there about a month ago about the voices in my head wanting me to write a roguelike and I was subliming this into a critique of Nethack. [ http://zwol.livejournal.com/41755.html ] I'd be curious to know what you think of my critique. (Some of the things I mention as not liking, on reflection, would be hard to change without bollixing the game balance.)

Posted by Slashie at Wed Oct 17 2007 01:05

Hey, hello :P

You are right about MetroidRL, right now it is basically a crappy proof of concept. I am currently working on a better version with improved gameplay.

About Drash, you may want to try out the combat movements, they are what makes it different from other roguelikes

What do you think would look better for ZeldaRL?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Oct 17 2007 11:28

The mood of a Zelda game depends entirely on the graphics. If you want the atmosphere of the first Zelda game you need colorful, cartoonish tile graphics. Or failing that: bright colors and characters that take up more pixels than periods to reduce the relative amount of darkness -- maybe equal signs.

I don't usually thing roguelikes should move away from ASCII art graphics, but when you're trying to evoke a specific other game, making the graphics similar is a big part of that. I think that's what makes CastlevaniaRL successful.


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