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[Comments] (4) Bread Salad: This was a big hit and is useful for getting rid of leftover farmer's market vegetables. Here's stuff for one big serving:

Toast the bread and dice it. Put it in a bowl. Pour olive oil and vinegar on top. Dice the tomato and put it on top. Meanwhile, cook the green beans. Put them on top of the tomato. By this time the tomato juice should have soaked into the bread. Or help it out by tossing everything together with tongs.

Another recipe coming immediately because my sister-in-law just requested it. Immediate update: No need, Sumana already posted the Indian-style popcorn recipe.


Posted by Susie at Sat Oct 27 2007 14:56

Oooh that sounds really good. What is italian bread?

Posted by Leonard at Sat Oct 27 2007 14:59

Just regular crusty bread. French bread will work too.

Posted by Rachel at Sat Oct 27 2007 18:44

That sounds amazing. I'm hungry again after my crappy dinner.

Posted by Bill Humphries at Sun Oct 28 2007 20:27

Just made it for my pre-game-four meal. Damn, that was good. Thanks for sharing it.

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